Free chests visible but disabled

When buying chests the button turns to say “DRAW AGAIN FREE” but the button is disabled. This has happened to me at least 3 times.

We’ve already submitted a build to fix this issue. Should be available in a couple of days. Sorry for any inconvenience caused :frowning:

When watching videos no topazes are given.

How many time have this happen? every time or randomly?

I think it happens every time the free chest is the last one. (aka you have spent your money and have gotten a free chest to use next)

No topazes for video ads - I’ve had that happen to me once. I would watch the videos and then there would be no collect 3, 5, or 18 topaz button and no topazes given. It only happened during the one short period. Everything was fine the next day.

I’ve also had double videos playing, but I was able to collect topazes if a I let the second one finish. They play simultaneously, so you usually only have to wait a second or two. This has happened on two separate occasions.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Marla

Thanks for telling us, Could you tell us which phone model are you using?

I’m using the iPhone 6S Plus.