Forum Needs to be Organized

The only section of this forum that makes sense is the FAQ. But there’s no difference between the general Wokamon section and the Wokamon discussion forum. Even for people who try to go through and check to make sure they’re not posting redundant topics, it’s basically impossible. I really think it would be beneficial if this forum were more carefully organized. It would make it easier for users to find the information they need without having to wait for a live response as well as making it so that administrators aren’t as overwhelmed by trying to respond to every single post individually, many of which they’ve responded to identically in different conversations. Yes, some people will just post their questions or comments without checking, that’s a fact of forums. But having it set up so that even people who try to be careful about what they post can’t help it is just self-defeating.

I’d recommend getting rid of both the general Wokamon section and the Discussion thread. At a first thought, I’d say we should have “FAQs”, “Bug Reports and Troubleshooting” (those could also be different sections), “Desired Features”, and “Other” at least. In the Troubleshooting section, I’d also like to see a pinned thread where when people need their accounts reset, they can just post on there. That way those are all compiled in one place rather than spread out all over.

I’m betting all this is true for Pocket Plants as well, but since I don’t play that I haven’t bothered to go through it. I realize that this isn’t specific to making Wokamon better as a game, but it’s in all of our best interests to make it so that people can find the information they need and administrators can tell what topics really need their attention and which don’t. Going through all this, I saw sooooo many posts about people saying they weren’t going to play the game anymore since they didn’t get a response from administrators. Obviously losing players is the last thing that the developers want, and losing them for something that could be so easily improved is just an absolute waste.

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