For the next update

could you guys maybe try allowing for other users to check out their friends’ islands and plants? i think it would motivate me more to compare myself to others, and overall just be able to see my friends’ progress!


Hi, thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss this!

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I really liked using this app to get off my phone. But I’m at a level where I can’t even get enough rain in two days to plant a new plant. It’s very frustrating that it has gotten so hard and is now making me not want to use the app. I think you levels should stay consistent so it can actually be achieve able.

Hi @Margaret_Willoughby, can you please let me know your game id so we can investigate your progress? Did you level up all your gardeners?

My game is is gg988w. I do the free chests to level up my gardeners. I buy chests from the sunshine shop. Currently I have to wait 55 hr for a sprout to grow. And After two days I’m just getting enough rain drops to plant another plant.

Hi, thank you for the update. I’ve passed your data to our game designer. We are currently planning a feature update so maybe that’ll have more powerups to reduce waiting time or increase earning rate.