Focus update notice bug

I keep getting this notice pop up that stops my focus time overnight when I set it to 3 hours. I wake up unlock my phone and I see this notice, I close it and have to watch an ad to continue my focus, after I do it I still have like 2.5 hours left all the time. During date time I easily do 1-1.5 hour focus time without this notice piping up. I’ll attach a screenshot. I’m using and iPhone X and the game is updated to the newest version but I keep getting this pop up.

Nice to see you in focus!

This is probably because the game has been stopped by the system when it was put to sleep for a very long time (this is true if the game is launched with the white shikudo launch screen).

Since iOS doesn’t allow us to monitor the status of the phone, this is unfixable unless the game mechanism is changed. We are in the process of discussing a game design change to workaround this issue and will keep you guys posted :slight_smile:

In the meantime if the session stops due to a bug (no white shikudo launch screen when you return to the game), please let us know!