Focus session fails when charging phone

Very frustrating, this has been happening for months.

I start a focus session. Turn off my phone and out it on recharge. I come back, I get notification that my session is complete but the game is not running. I open the game and the session only went for a few sec before it failed. I have given it permission. This happens at random from what I can tell.

Android. Xaiomi mix 2.

You can’t turn off your phone when the focus session is running. The Focus Session will failed due to the phone shut down, restart or the connection lost. When you turned on the phone, the phone will take back to the lock screen where you unlock the phone. If you open the Focus Plant app again, it will load back your game and continue where you left off by watching video. Also, do not turn the phone off. When you clear the Ram, please make sure you have tick a true that means to count up how many ram you want to clear and you do not tick a true that mean false. If you do not tick a true on the beside of the Focus Plant app, Ram will total you want to clear except the Focus Plant app. You can found in Settings > Improve Focus in the Focus Plant app.

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