Focus Quest for Mac, Ubuntu and Windows?

Hello, everyone!

A couple of months ago on the Google Play store I had mentioned in my positive review that Focus Quest should be also for Windows, Mac, and/or Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

I have a bigger addiction to my computer laptop (currently my MacBook Air) than to my tablet (I have a flip phone as of this writing), and because of this, I feel that I have a need to bring it up on these Shikudo forums. I have already been successful enough to keep myself detoxed from my Android tablet (and phone at the time), and now I want a bigger challenge to detox myself from my MacBook.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @cochranizer, thank you for your suggestions. We do have a plan to test the Mac market but won’t happen in the immediate future. Please stay tuned for our future announcements.