FitRPG Field Guide!

It’s your friendly Despair Abyss neighborhood LegoMore, with a short PSA (that’s a Public Service Announcement, though more of a request in this case):

Every find yourself wondering: What is in a Bronze Outfit Chest? …or, Is it better to Bulk up 10 characters or to collect 20?

Imagine what it would be like to have the answers to these questions, and those that just popped into your own head (yep, I’m looking at You!), available to all right here in this Forum, compiled and assembled by our own community into one location: the FitRPG Field Guide!

I began my FitRPG journey at the beginning of the year [2023] and every week I discover something new …or new to me.

As of April ‘23, I am coming across new tabs on the Market menu and new (very costly) items. Perhaps these aren’t “new” to the game, maybe I’m only seeing them because I’ve earned a high enough rank. Or, possibly, they’re new additions brought in from a recent update. Without a guide, who’s to say?

Please, take this as a call to action for any and all experienced (or just observant) players to collaborate on this community project:
^The FitRPG ‘Field’ Guide!

^Have a better name for the guide? Post it!
This is both for, and made by, the community, so I make no claim on ownership. I still consider myself a Noob, so I humbly bow down to the greater wisdom that lies out there among those that began their treks before me.

Programmers and Game Designers, you would be especially helpful [and greatly appreciated)!

Thanks All for taking the time to read my “little” PSA.

ID: x8je5x
Server: Despair Abyss

Calling All Potential Apprentices:
Want Bonuses for Leveling Up?
Need a Master Code? [My info is listed above.]

I’m handy in a few programming languages. What did you have in mind?

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While a “Tutorial” and “FAQ” exist in the Main FitRPG Menu, these provide only an overview of very basic game commands.

New players and old could greatly benefit from a more advanced guide with info on at least the following categories [please feel free to add more and/or subdivide]:

  1. Typical “daily” game events
    a. When/how to interact with these based on level/goals
    b. Guild events
    i. When/How to join, and your new events
    ii. How to benefit from Guild membership
    c. Apprentice/Master
    i. When/How to become an Apprentice/Master
    ii. Benefits for your new role
  2. Heroes
    a. Types: Pros & Cons [strengths & weaknesses]
    b. Game Play strategies
    c. Recommended Characters
    d. How to acquire
  3. Equipment
    a. Guide to outfitting your Hero - When & How
    b. Equipment List & Reviews
    i. By Hero type?…
    ii. Best pairings for specific Hero?
  4. Pets
    a. Pet List & Reviews
    i. By Pet Team
    b. Game Play Strategies
    i. Pet pairing combos: teams vs mix & match
    5: Team Building Guide
    a. Board Team Strategies
    b. Arena Team Strategies
    c. Event Team Strategies

…and much more. This primer/template is common to most games of this type. Ideally, we could provide advice on several different strategic approaches to the game, allowing the community to find help that best suits every individual’s style/wants/needs.

Also, my hope is that we can all contribute what we have learned to this “Guide”, so that it is an open-source pool of knowledge, by-and-for everyone.

Chris aka LegoMore