Fitness RPG has won “Best of 2019”! Focus Plants post


I’ve sent 50 sunshines to all the accounts up to this post. You may need to re-open the app to see the changes. Happy focusing!



I can’t find your id in the system, can you please double check? Please note that this is a Focus Plant promotion post so please find your Focus Plant id :slight_smile:


I love your apps!
Game ID: bqqp23


Hi, I’m new and had just tried your games out these days, and I love them!
Id: rgr62z


I love your game!


Congratulations!Here is my ID:44qyqj


Love the game! Hope you have more successes in the future!

Id: mekrme


Congrats, this is the best app I’ve ever encountered. All the best in the future !

ID: 2z6nkq


hi, I love focus plant!

my id is 5njkgw


Great Job! My ID xnrd9q


My id is this



Parabéns! O trabalho de vocês é incrível!

Id: q63xkv




I love focus plant for learning it is very useful.


Game ID: ev4jrd


Congrats. I’m new here. Starting using the app today.


iD:y7dpjg thank you so so mush!


My id is rgxy7z. That was so awesome


For Focus Plant.
Pocket Plants: vn3t+7qgT
Wokamon: Wang Yingjie
Fitness RPG: kkkw69, Master Code: zp55e
Focus Plant: 932gnv
Fit Tycoon: bxxep6


Id: 5menev

Thanks for everything!