Fitness RPG has won “Best of 2019”! Focus Plants post


It’s helping me so much.
Id: 5jrne4




Congrats!! That’s awesome
My game iD is


I’ve sent 50 sunshines to all the accounts up to this post. You may need to re-open the app to see the changes. Happy focusing!


big God Well done dude


I meant b8ygpd thanks for Makin good stuff


Thanks!! Mine is bdn7nj


Love this
ID: b87re2


b9rvxm спасибо :heart: :heart: :heart:


Congratulations guys!!
ID: 5nq6x7


Amazing news guys, you deserve it! I’m new to your apps but I’m already using focus plant and wokamon daily
My id: b2ygnj


My sister and I just started this app and we are OBSESSED. We live in different cities (Chicago/Boston) and lately it’s been difficult to focus while working from home but not anymore :slight_smile: We are both quite competitive and this game is just what we needed! We love the friend feature and look forward to future developments <3
My ID: 5ejjvz
My sisters ID: bqqnr9


congratulations! this app has helped me alott :heart:

ID: bpp7ex



Obsessed. Thank you! Keep developments coming :clap:


Congrats!!! Happy for you. Here’s my id: b77w4n


Hi guy🍎
My ID: bvp774


Hi!! My id focus plant
ID: 5kw63q


My ID: bw83qz
Thank you :blush:






Thank u so much,
I love ur app
My id: b7vwkj