Fitness RPG has won "Best of 2019"! Fit Tycoon post


Hi guys,

We want to share the exciting news that “Fitness RPG” was chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019!

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our players. Please leave your game id so I can send you some gifts to your account!



My game ID is y8vj8y


Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what more is to come.
My game ID: b6j65m


Thank you. Cool game so far.Great job

My ID is b2n3vb


My game ID is bmzp46


Congrats! Love the game! My game ID is: ywgjv9


This game is great, I like it. My ID is y73x25


this is the best app

my I’d is mvwbw7


I love this game keep up the great work
My ID is ywgx8p


Good job, my game is is b6jvm2


I’ve sent 180 diamonds to all the accounts up to this post. You may need to re-open the app to see the changes. Happy walking!


Hi, we can’t find any account with this id, can you please double check it? Thanks!


Great game keep it up and also my id is - bq2rxp


My Id in game is bq24gq


Wow congrats and thank you! My game id is y8z373


Mine is: 2geqb5

Thank you in advance!


Congrats, my game I’d is ydz823


Mine is:bmvz36
Congrats to winning best of 2019


Congrats! My Id is b6jn8x


Game ID: bkzxrq

Excited to see this game Grow