Fitbit Sync Issue

I’ve read through a few other people having the same problem and the solution was to revoke the fitbit access through fitbit and then reconnect. The problem is my fitbit account isn’t even SHOWING the access given to the app. So it isn’t even there to revoke. When I switch back to using the phone to count steps and then back to the fit bit, it automatically connects to the fitbit and says all is fine, but clearly it isn’t. My steps haven’t been counting at all! I bought a fitbit JUST for this game!!!

Hi JoR, can you please follow the following steps and see if it works?

  1. Choose Phone as a tracking option and waiting for it to be activated
  2. Connect to a 3rd party account (preferrable Kongregate) and save your progress
  3. Uninstall app and clear data cache
  4. Reinstall the app, pass the tutorial and restore the progress
  5. Switch to Fitbit (it should take you to the authorize page again)