Fitbit Sync Issue Encountered- did not sync previous day's steps

I’ve been using Pocket Plants for over a month and this is the first sync issue I’ve encountered. My Fitbit usually syncs all day via the USB dongle in my desktop computer. My computer was having some issues yesterday and apparently syncing my Fitbit was one of them. The last sync it did was yesterday at 11:53am. After that, I walked another 13,000+ steps. This morning, I walked another +/-2,500 steps before realizing there was a sync issue. I synced my Fitbit through my phone and went to Pocket Plants, which should have counted the steps from yesterday and this morning but it didn’t. Pocket Plants only synced the +/-2,500 steps from this morning. Those 13,000+ steps from yesterday were “lost” and never accounted for in Pocket Plants.

Incidentally, I opened Wokamon and synced and Wokamon did correctly sync 15,500+ steps.

Is Pocket Plants only set up to sync the current day’s steps and I’ve just not noticed, is this a bug or just a random error I experienced?

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Hi @radiocricket

Thank you for the detailed information. Pocket Plants should sync all the steps since your last sync. We did use different approaches to sync Fitbit steps between Wokamon and Pocket Plants.

I’ll get our developers to check it out and see if there’s anything we missed. Thank you!



I just had the same thing happen again. I walked 14,872 steps between 9:45pm-12:00am yesterday. I got off the treadmill at midnight and then took a few steps around the house. When I opened Pocket Plants around 12:10am, it should have synced nearly 15k steps, instead, it only synced the <100 steps I had taken after midnight (so it only synced the same day’s steps, not the previous day’s). There was no syncing via my phone instead of the desktop this time.

I have found the same and have alway made sure I synch each day otherwise they are lost

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I also have this issue. Lost an entire half marathon worth of steps on Saturday.