Fitbit steps do not update accurately

Even though my Fitbit account seems to have connected to Pocket Plants, it does not update the steps correctly. It only does so exactly 6 steps at a time, even when I make sure my Fitbit app has the most recent step count.

Both apps are up to date. Fibit v2.42 and Pocket Plants 2.0.6

Please help!

Additional screencaps:

Can I please grab your game ID to further investigate? Also, which phone and operation system are you using?


Hi! My userid is vPiYc4RKp.
I’m running Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Thank you!

An update: at the end of the day, Pocket Plants gave me the 12k steps I’d walked that day, so I was happy. But then, this morning, it gave me another 12k steps! I think they were the ones from yesterday. No clue what’s going on.

Thanks for the reply! We’ve made some changes to Fitbit syncing system. Hopefully it will resolve the issue. The new update should be ready in Google Play within a week.

Also, do you mind telling us how do you sync steps in Fitbit before coming back to Pocket Plants to auto fetch them? How many times do you sync in Fitbit a day?


Thank you! I’ll look out for that update.

I have my Fitbit set to all-day sync, but I only turn on my phone’s bluetooth about twice a day. I then open the Fitbit app, let it sync, and then open PocketPlants.