Fit Tycoon Early Access Launch

Hi guys,

We are looking for early testers for our new game [Fit Millionaire]. It is an idle business clicker game with step/fitness powerup.

If you are interested,


Also, if you can leave your feedback, that’ll be really appreciated! Hope to see you in the game!


The in-game tracker doesn’t even track half of my steps.

Hi Grace, can you please try to whitelist the app in the battery saver app so it doesn’t get removed when the phone enters the low-memory mode? Please let me know if it helps with the situation?

I’m not sure I have such a thing. My phone has an “auto-start manager” and in it I’ve allowed most apps to run in the background. Today I even had it open in the foreground for a minute and saw it counting about 1 step for every 3-4 real steps, Google Fit also counted more accurately.
(I also have a “power saver” but it’s always on “normal” mode. There’s an option to automatically switch to “super saving mode” when battery is less than 10% but I don’t have it enabled and my battery was full anyway.)

BTW I’m the same person who left the feedback on the Play Store saying this game makes me hate myself. I’ll leave future feedback on this forum unless I want to update the star rating on the Play Store.

I think you’re not very concerned with the ethical problems that come with trying to create an addictive game, so I’ll keep that type of criticism to myself.

I updated the game today (before today’s little walk outside) and I was able to play, but now several hours later – I’m not sure what happened – it just shows me the little dancing coin like it’s loading, but it remains stuck and I’m not able to play. I think God heard of my plight and just forced me to stop playing.

Also: the update included a bunch of little people with coins on their heads sometimes – but it’s not possible to tap them when they’re walking behind other people. I think it’d be better if we could just tap the coins or tap through the people in the front. I feel dumb for waiting on the little people to walk faster.

Often it seems when I upgrade, for example, the Noodle cafe, then the little notice that comes up says that some entirely different store was upgraded. I haven’t noticed yet which store actually gets upgraded (how the numbers change).

I cleared the app’s cache and data, that helped.

@Grace, thank you for your feedback. Have you tried to switch to a different internet connection? This normally happens when the internet is not stable. Please let us know how it goes.

We do take all the criticisms but just cannot respond/make changes to all of them at once. Please share whatever comes to your mind and we’ll see what we can do about them :slight_smile:

We’ll look into the coin hit area and the notice issue too. Thank you~

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Hello! This looks wonderful. Is there a way I can get on the list for when the iOS beta is released?!

This. After reading this report I tested it myself and got the same. Tapping the coin/cash above their heads is a very good solution.

I’m using v0.8

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Will do. However, we might release the iOS version without beta testing as we’ve done plenty with the Google Play Early Access launch. Will update this topic when we do. Thanks!

Interested too if it beta is done with iOS

My record so far is breaking some new government software in 6 seconds almost reducing the company’s Tech Director to tears of frustration.
Include me as an iOS tester if you dare! :laughing:

lol funny one. You can actually download it on appstore, it’s already live :slight_smile:

@marspark any word on the iOS release for this? just to be clear, fitness tycoon and fitness millionaire are separate games right?