Fit Tower conversions & the pop up info timing

When I touch the extra conversion icons to read the data. (below arrowed). It only stays on screen for a split second before disappearing.

Everywhere else will stay up until I move my finger as per image below.
Could the timing or whatever mechanism, please be adjusted so it is in line with the others.
I can only get a glance at the information before it disappears.
So far I believe it is only these three I’ve found that won’t stay up long enough to be read properly.

Not sure if this should be done as a seperate post but I am also confused on what the conversion rates mean.

The highlighted yellow lightening says 127% conversion rate but it also says I get 27.2% for every 100 steps…

I assume this has to do with the games calulations than to do with me but if I only get 27% converted, why does the yellow lightening say 127%…
does the 100 part set it to 0? Just curious…
It may be written there but I can’t read it properly at the mo.

My yellow lightning says that it converts 179% more energy and the other section says 27.9 energy per 100 steps (the latter is not technically a percentage but is the actual amount of energy you get per 100 steps).

You get 10 energy per 100 steps as a default. 179% more energy would add an additional 17.9 energy to it per 100 steps (179% x 10 = 17.9) and bring the total to 27.9 (10 + 17.9 = 27.9) energy per 100 steps. That’s what it shows for me and the math looks good.

Since your screenshot shows 27.2 energy per 100 steps, your lightning should show that it converts 172% more energy. Are you sure it shows 127% and not 172% or did you maybe transpose the 7 and the 2? :thinking:


Oppise :slight_smile:Yeah…what you said lol. :woman_facepalming:

Thanks it was the default xxx% x 10 = xx.x which I was forgot about. Makes sense. :+1::blush:

Oh and thanks to the developer or whoever fixed the info box for the fit tower icons. :tulip:

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