Fit Stones Quest

Probably I’m missing something :thinking:

Which quests are supposed to do Fit Stones?

(so far I get them from the event on Sunday & if I’m lucky from the step milestone chests which is not enough to progress)

@Rain you can also “buy” them in the guild shop when they appear

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This is not a quick win game :wink:

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@Doreen The guild shop is overpriced :frowning: & I think I might finish the game this weekend the latest :joy:

I’m a collector :woman_facepalming: I want all 3 stars, dress up (in gold of course)!
I too, am almost “finished”’on one server
Playing catch-up on the other

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The main story quests.

Which one from the main story? Is it possible to redo them?

No you can not redo main story quests.

I have a quest called “A side project III” that gives some fit stones.

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