Fit Stones not ballanced

As I play few weeks I see that game is quite fine ballanced with way of receive and spending various currencies, gems, stones etc. All exept fit Stones. They are used for many things and it takes long time to collect them.
For example could you say if any one buy 1 star hero for 150FS!? Thats incredible amount for such weak unit who will need more tons of FS to become more powerfull.
Few days of play and you have 5k of diamonds for 5star hero (or instantly if you buy them) . Whats reason to spend FS for 1 star hero and another FS to upgrade him?
Also is there a reason to have more than 4 heroes, to invest not only in those 4?


A couple reasons to purchase the 150 FS heroes:

  1. You can only purchase one character of each class with the 5k diamonds. So if you want a team with more than one Rogue (for example), you have to use 150 FS in the Hero shop.
  2. For players who do not want to play with the Warrior/Priest/Mage/Knight team at the beginning of the game, spending 150 FS is much quicker than accumulating 1500 Crystals. Especially if they prioritize Crystals to upgrade Stamina and purchase high-level equipment.

I’ve actually found Fit Stones to be quite plentiful, if you utilize resources wisely:

  • Getting at least 10k steps every day nets typically nets 100+ FS. (I believe the 1k reward almost always has 50+ FS.)
  • Arena nets 200 Arena currency daily. Just use refreshes (you have 20) to battle opponents you know you will win. Then spending approximately 100 additional Crystals nets another 80 Arena currency, if you so wish. This way, you average ~100 FS per day. (80 Arena currency = 30 FS. You just have to wait until the Arena shop rotates to FS.)

So with the above, you average 200 FS daily. While FS will still probably be a bottleneck for upgrading characters (leveling to 6+ stars, rerolling passives, upgrading passives), I wouldn’t consider FS collection to be “unbalanced.” Keep in mind that leveling up with FS result in very large power spikes (e.g. rerolling passive PAtk I -> PAtk S may take you from +29 PAtk to something like +500 PAtk / upgrading heroes to 6 stars can give 1000s of overall stats), so they should take a while to accumulate.

As for having more than 4 heroes, you may choose to have a different Story team and Arena team. If you’re an achievement hunter, you may want a team of a bunch of heroes with multi-hit abilities for collecting Stars in Story mode (6-star mages can hit all enemies with the special attack, or a team with 3 warlocks can reliably clear any wave in one turn if you synchronize special attacks). In Arena, you may want a more traditional front line hero (Warrior/Knight) with a Priest casting Shield on multiple heroes. Or you may just want to keep a diverse team in stock to counter Arena teams (since you can see the other person’s composition before you battle). For example, if you know they have a 6+ star Warrior who becomes invulnerable once they reach 1 HP, you may want a couple Mages to hit back line (otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of attacks on the invulnerable Warrior, while your team takes a beating). But if your opponent has a team of multiple Warlocks, your Mages will likely be destroyed, since Warlocks are beefier (probably won’t be one-shot by your Mages) and can one-shot your Mages in return.

But of course, really depends on your goals and enjoyment in the game. [:


You forgot character looks. Some people care what their hero looks like. But couldn’t have put it any better


Whoa! Thats a really good answer guys! To be honest, I forgot bout arena store. Now I have 3,5k to spend
I didnt know that we can buy only one type of 5star hero. Yes, I agree - spending FS mostly rocket launch your heroes. Then they should be not so common. Then you need to consider what you need most and in what order.
Also I didnt look preety much at look of heroes but I agree too that many ppl are more concius about heroes look . Yes, many of characters look preety funny :grin:
Any way there should be some incentive to “collect them all”