Fit-Pt Chest Opening Tip

For those not aware, when there’s a choice to be made it is not entirely random.

One of the rewards will stay on top and you can track where it goes with your eyes, if you really pay attention closely. It’s not easy but it is doable. This is very useful in two situations.

  1. If you really want that reward, then you know where to click to get it.
  2. If you don’t really care about that reward at all, then you know where not to click.

I tend to spend quite a few crystals collecting these chests. I really want the fit stones. I also want the energy, but not as much. I have plenty of knowledge stones and will stones though, so I don’t really need any more of those.

When the rewards are all revealed, I scan them as quickly as I can to see if there are any fit stones and energy. I need this information to know when I want to stop picking rewards. I also try to figure out which reward is on top for an easy pick or something I need to avoid picking.

It’s a lot to process and there isn’t much time to think. I’m not always successful. The slightest distraction makes it much harder. That’s why I collect all the fit chests all at once, while sitting and focused. The first chests are easy and relax me. There are two rewards in the 4th chest and they are both rewards I want. I still practice tracking them though, as an easy warmup for the harder chests. Then, the fun begins. I’m not 100% on tracking all of it, but I am getting better with practice. Maybe you will too! :slightly_smiling_face: