Finishing Focus Plant

How long does it take to max out all the plants?


If you put the seeds on the ground sometimes it will take several hours to grow. It will take some water and take 26 minutes. On the second time, it will take second time, they will take 51 minutes. Starting from Level 1 to Level 5, It will that a several hours to several day but some plants will don’t sleep in Level.6 to Level 7. The plants on the land can reach to Stage 2. The plants in the nursery can reach stage III. You might need to put the stage II plants in the nursery to reach the Stage III only. Some plants will not appear in the lab because it is less than Stage I. Some plants are different from other. So, some plant will not sleep all the time in Level 1 to Level 7. The sleep plant will increase several hours to several day so please be patient and you can skip the waiting time by using video or speeder. Speeder is very rare found because it will pop up in the chest and and can be purchase from the sunshine shop. The video is very common to see the ads and skip the timer for 50%, it will give you sunshine and refresh the shop and the timer will do not change and keep counting down. In addition, The treasure chest will open automatically after watching the video. Also, it will increase the Rainy whale Raindrop Rate. If you watched 6 videos, you can collect reward and gave you a treasure chest. This treasure chest will not open automatically until you open it manually.

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If you completed all the plant in handbook. Don’t forget to collect treasure chest and surprise gift in the plant handbook. You may get a new avatar in the plant handbook when you see 20/20 discovered plant. It will be unlock all the treasure chest and collect 3 sunshine in avatar. 20 plant = 1 Candy Land = 1 Avatar. If you have 20x12=240 plants = 12 places. Sometimes the handbook and gardener mark a :exclamation: because they is a new discover plants, because there is sunshine, treasure chest or surprise gift need to collect. If you collect all the surprise gift, the surprise gift will count automatic into the server but the treasure chest will collect in the gardener until you open the treasure chest. There is 14 treasure chest ((20x3)+(10x2)=80 sunshine and 1 avatar include with the surprise gift in Candy Land handbook. There is 14x12=168 include with the surprise gift treasure chest need to collect and ((240x3)+(10x2))x12=8,880 sunshine include with the surprise gift and get 12 avatar if you finish the handbook progress and you also unlock all the treasure chest and collect 10 sunshine and 15 treasure chest in treasure chest . The treasure chest will be totally 183 treasure chest and 8,890 sunshine. After you watch the video in the garden, it will open the free 3 chest. contain 3x3=9 random reward in wooden chests. 12x3=24 Wooden Chests 5x12=60 Metal Chests (6x12)+10+5=87 Gold Chest Contain 24x3=72 random rewards and 24 rare gardener cards in 24 Wooden Chests. Contain 60x4=240 - 60x5=300 random rewards and 60x2=120 rare gardener cards in 60 Metal Chests. 87x7=609 - 87x9=783 random rewards and 87x3=261 epic gardener cards in 87 Gold Chests.