Final Fantasy Ad


The Final Fantasy ad has no exit button at the end. I wait the 60 seconds and then it prompts for install, but the exit button never appears. I end up having to close the app and reopen when I get this ad.


Yeah, same here with me!


Same here. I’ve been trying to figure it out or report the ad, but nothing…


We’ll report to the ad provider. Please let us know if the ad is still causing issues after a day or 2


We’ve heard back from the ad provider: do you guys see the ‘close button’ after the countdown reaches to 0 at the same spot?


It’s the other final fantasy game that seems to be causing the problem for me. I’m like 10 force closes in a row with the same ad popping up every time.


Same here. It was the other one ad for me as well.


Still having the problem.

It is with this ad:


When I wait for the timer to run out I get this with no exit button:


Same here!!! (20+ characters required to post this message lol)


I have the same problem with the ad. I have selected the star to report the ad as defective multiple times as well.


Guys we are still waiting for the updates from our ad provider. What happens after you come back to the app after clicking the ‘install’ button?


This version of the ad has no X to leave. Only the install button. Clicking on the install button leads me to the Apple Store but no X appears when I go back to the game. I waited for ~2 min for the ad to play (as you can see by the amount of gold I got haha) but no X appeared so I had to close the app and start again.


iphone X i’m having the same issue.


Having the same issue with the Final Fantasy ad. No way out and when you press install, you’re brought to the App Store. I have to exit Fitness RPG completely and I don’t get any credit for watching the ad.


I’m having the same issue. No way to exit with most of the final fantasy adds. I’ve looked everywhere and waited and even gone to the App Store then returned and I still can’t close the ad in the game. The only way is force close the app. You guys really need to fix this. You’re losing app useage and forcing app closure. I’m on an iPhone X, if that could be some of the issue


We’ve contacted our ad provider again. We’ll send a update as soon as we hear back from them.

In the meanwhile, I’m disabling ad networks one by one (we are using a mediation, like a collection of different ad networks). If you are still seeing the ad, please let me know!


I’m still seeing the defective ads. They are pretty annoying because the only way to get out is to close and reopen the game. I have an iPhone 7.


Same here. I’m seeing that same ad too. I have to close out of the app in order to escape it :frowning:


Still seeing the ad and it seems to be the most frequent ad to pop up… it really sucks when it’s a video that has a high bonus, and ends up being that :triumph: final fantasy video (again…) that has to show up at that given moment -_-