Fifgting bug cannot use skill 1st turn

Please check that attacker cannot use skill on first turn which defender can.

My charactors stuck with 1 turn cooldown in every pvp matches today. Moreover, in adventure mode.

We’ll double check, thank you for letting us know!

I think I’m seeing this too, at least in Adventure mode. Hard to prove one way or another, but I can say that I gave up trying to get my mages to use a skill on the first turn on two different stages today.

Update: Am now able to use skill on first turn in Adventure mode. Seems fixed. :+1:

I still cannot use skill on 1st turn

That’s so weird.

It’s possible I was just incredibly unlucky when my heroes weren’t using fireball in Adventure mode on the 1st turn when I first reported it.

Then, the next day my heroes definitely used fireball a lot on the first turn in Adventure mode, so I assumed it had been fixed.

Didn’t pay close attention in the Arena, but will do so at my next opportunity (in about 13 hours). :thinking: