Feedback from busy newbie

Hiya, this game is quite fun.

I like how I can set my sleep times. Is it possible to also personalise the other routines?

This game takes a lot of time investment which unfortunately I don’t have as a busy parent and full-time worker.

On a normal day I hardly have time to constantly check my phone. If I’m not keeping house (1-3hrs/day), I’m parenting (diplomatic with negotiating truces, agreements, being quartermaster, chef, maître de, dresser, privy master, low-tier IT champion, etc), or being in work-mode (e.g. wake at 5:30am, chores 5:30-6:30am, personal care 6:30-7am including sunscreen, specific travel-times, specific work-times).

All these appear to preclude my checking of the home screen Daily Quests with specific times.

And I’m rather miffed at missing out just ‘cos I’m doing my best to be a better parent.

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Agreed, the time windows on fit quests are not helpful.

After a while, you can upgrade all other aspects of the game so you really only have to check it once per day - stamina is the big one. But the fit quest windows don’t reward players for being healthy - they reward players for checking their phone multiple times per day.

Sometimes you get rewarded for checking your phone when you shouldn’t be looking at it if you want to be healthy (IE, right before bed). Some of the time windows don’t even make sense if you are constantly checking your phone, like vegetables or sunscreen…things that could be done at any time or should only be done when it makes sense, like right before you’re about to spend 3 hours outside after school or work. Putting on sunscreen in the morning is counterproductive for someone who’s going to be indoors for 8 hours straight…you know, like most workers and students.

This could all be avoided by removing the time windows entirely.

I would much rather have these quests available at any time, even if it meant we would NOT have the extra rewards from quests with cooldowns (such as Drink Like a Fish) at all.