Feature suggestions: essence, raindrops and gardeners

Hi all,

I’ve been playing focus plant for just over 2 weeks now and I really love the game and concept.

Now that I’ve gotten to about 25 stage II plants and total of 35ish plants, here’s a few things I’ve noticed that are somewhat of an issue:

  • We collect essences way quicker than we can use them. At first I thought they were scarce and avoided them, but nowadays I have accumulated way too many. It would be helpful to be able to: stack essences (reduce raindrops more), or more importantly sell them (for sunshine or raindrops or gardener cards).

  • The power of gardeners are so uneven. Reducing the raindrop need by 2% is significantly inferior to increasing raindrop production by 100%. Unless I’m thinking about this wrongly, I find myself only upgrading those that produce more raindrops in the Rainy and in focus sessions. Furthermore, increasing Rainy’s collection time by 10min is quite meaningless too. Reducing waiting time is also relatively meaningless since raindrops are by far the most prohibitive aspect of the game.

Overall, it would be nice if the different elements of the game can be balanced a little. Please let me know what you think and I really hope this game can be even better! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We do evaluate balance from time to time and will discuss your suggestion in the next meeting :slight_smile:

  1. The essences can be used for stage III plants once the nursery feature is opened
  2. You can decompose gardener to gardener cards and compose them to get your preferred gardener