Feature requests - from an avid focus quest user

Hi! I’ve been loving Focus Quest. It’s been a great way to keep me on task with my studies and provide me with small rewards. To make it even more productive, I wanted to suggest some new features.

• Ability to edit previous focus session allocations - I’ve accidentally chosen a wrong category for my focus sessions, so I’d like to be able to change it retrospectively.
• Add a “Break” option - I like to focus using the Pomodoro method (focus, small break, focus, etc.) and a break option would be great addition. If I could create it, I would have it shown following the focus session and allow the user to leave the app while it’s going. I also would not have any “rewards” for this session since it is a break.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, hopefully these are some good suggestions and may be added to the app down the line! :blush:

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Hi, thank you for reaching out and your feedback. The pause feature will be added in a later update. However, the edit previous focus sessions feature might need to wait a while.