Feature Request

The game allows me to enter my height and weight so I can see roughly how many calories I may have burned, which is very good.

It also seems to want me to do this everyday, which is kind of good.

It would be very good instead of kind of good, if it defaulted to the previous day’s height and weight.

First, I’m an older guy. My height isn’t changing.

Second, my weight is changing, hopefully for the better. It would be much easier to enter the new weight if it defaulted to the previous day’s weight though. There would be far less scrolling of the entry wheels.

Third, some days I don’t even check my weight. If it defaulted to the previous day’s weight then I wouldn’t need to do anything.

This is not a high priority request. I know you are busy with a lot of things that are a lot more important right now, but it is something that I would like to see at some point. Thanks!

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@Rhandar…you have pretty cool ideas for the newbies…myself! This is off topic, I don’t know how to send messages directly but needed to message a known good player. How can I tell my guild to check in? Is there a way for me to see who checked in or nah? Last question for you…in your opinion which server is better? I’m still on the same one as I’m scared of losing my info #

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