Feature request: ability to remove active skill abilities

I think I should be able to remove abilities. Most of the abilities in this game are actually detrimental to most fights. The addition of a third ability in 5.1 means that this is even more important. As an example, my warlock recently got a 3rd ability because I used a skill book, but the options I had for choosing my ability were not great, and I can’t control when he uses this 3rd ability. If he just did normal attacks all the time instead then he would be more efficient in my team, but instead he randomly does this nearly useless ability that I cannot even remove. This hurts my progress for achieving 3 stars in certain fights and it’s going to make my chances in pvp fights worse as well. The fact that most abilities are detrimental is also a larger problem with the game design, but, being able to remove them as a customization would be a good short term fix


I support this 100%!! I hate when priest cast an ability other than shield.


@zeta67 @Stone_Wall Thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss this.

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