Farming crystals

What is the fastest way to get crystals?

How to Get Crystals

  1. 500 free crystals still may be available if you provide feedback to the developers in the Discuss category and give them your player ID. Look for “need feedback.”
  2. Do all the Daily Quests everyday, the Weekly Quests, and the Main Story Quests.
  3. Watch 10 Freebies ads for 10 crystals each, everyday.
  4. Fight in 10 arena battles everyday. Past 10 starts costing you crystals (but if you are winning you’ll want to fight 2 more times, or even more if you want to spend more crystals here than you are getting). You also get extra crystals each day for participating and a lump sum at the end of the season for participating.
  5. Denial Corps Dark Rush event (twice per week) gives some crystals, but costs crystals if you do it more than once in a given day.
  6. A small amount of crystals come as a daily guild reward if enough members check-in. (We each get 30 crystals in my guild if 30 check in, assuming members are around to collect it and aren’t sleeping or working, that is. :grimacing:)
  7. Crystals can be found in fit chests for doing Fit Quests and walking (although some parts of the Fit Quests actually require crystals).
  8. The SuperPass subscription gives 150 crystals per day, which adds up over time. Plus, you get other perks like an awesome magnet, that I find very attractive. Pun intended. :crazy_face:
  9. Pointing out a serious exploitable bug privately before others do, avoiding using that bug for personal advantage, and then helping to test that it’s been fixed might also give you some free crystals as a thank you. Can neither confirm nor deny that. :wink:
  10. Being on the receiving end of a bug that has cost you serious time, frustration, and/or effort has been known to award you some crystals as partial compensation. #$&* happens and the developers are reasonable.
  11. And when all else fails, you can buy as many crystals as you want with real money. It’s the only resource that can be purchased in nearly infinite quantities. (I’ve tried to keep my purchases finite so far though. Mostly. :grimacing:)

I think that covers it. Can’t think of any other ways to get crystals. :thinking:

P.S. The absolute fastest way to farm large numbers of crystals is with a credit card (#11), but I assume that was not the answer you were really looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: I walked 5,000 steps around the inside of my house at 2am while typing that reply on my iPad and it seemed like it was only a few minutes. So, thanks for asking!! :slightly_smiling_face:


My daily ads don’t work :frowning:

We are going to need new ways to farm. I am “praying” away my crystals every morning now.

As we have already paid for this game every day with ads and data, I hope they will add more non-pay ways to earn them.