Facebook Save Glitch

So apparently there was an update that added a Save function for users with a linked account. Great. But if like me you didn’t know about this, then when it asked you to reconnect (and you did) to an account without updated information, it purged tons of info…

I am missing 7 wokamons, only one of which wasn’t level 600 or higher, 5 maxed worlds (have yet to unlock new three but all others were maxed), all maxed accessories that were purchasable and plenty of the ones that were chance based only. Tons of data down the tubes, and I could recreate, except it’s also wiped any recollection of my past activity so all my walking (including 18 miles in two days last weekend) is gone

Sorry for posting here but I could not find a better place for it. Very disappointed and looking to restore a save state or have Wokamon restored to account.

Thanks for contacting us.

Could you tell us your Facebook name or Facebook personal page url so we can find you in our database.