Extra 6-star pieces spawning in equip bag?

Interesting bug- additional equipment I know I haven’t bought has been appearing in my bag today. As a bonus, the levels are improved beyond +1!

It looks like they may be duplicates of some but not all of the 6 star pieces that some of my heroes are wearing. I have been improving some normal equipment though, so they are not currently exact duplicates. They did not all appear at once. First it was some warlock pieces, later warrior pieces appeared too.

We’ll double check with our code, thank you for letting us know!

I’ve also had this happen, my 5 Star Knight amulet spawned a duplicate

Edit: i’ve just found another piece of duplicated equipment, also from my knight. It looks as though the duplicates are all from the one character

Edit2: After leveling my gear, the next time I open the app, it has duplicated

After quickly checking his inventory and seeing no extra 6-star equipment, Rhandar is secretly thinking of changing his name to something with “lottery” in it. :crazy_face:

Oops. Did I just type that in public? :grimacing:

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I intentionally have duplicates of 5-star mage gear in my inventory, since I have 3 mages I’m trying to equip optimally. If I have or had extra duplicates, wouldn’t even know it. And probably already sold them. :thinking:

I have my 6-star equipment all listed on paper though, so I’d definitely know if I had extra there.

The duplication occurs after you level up gear, then restart the app


That should really help them track it down. Nice detective work!

Yes, they are the pieces I was leveling. Good observation!

Thank you guys for the help!