Expand plant capacity for each map

Hi there. It would be nice if you could possibly increase the capacity for plants per map to at least 20+. With the addition of super plants, I believe there should be more room to display these hard earned plants in addition to having room to grow normal plants for quests. Or, have an alternate world map (i.e. “Super Grassland,” “Super Desert” map, etc.) dedicated to planting/displaying super plants only.

Having this feature would definitely appeal to those “collect them all” category of players.


When I started playing Pocket Plants, it was on an older, smaller smartphone. A not-insignificant part of why I stopped playing Wokamon was actually that my screen was too small to properly display that game – I could rarely see which three-pixel area MIGHT open the menu to switch which Wokamon was in front!

That said, I agree that when there’s eighteen basic plants and theoretically nineteen super plants for each world, only being able to display/plant sixteen at a time kinda sucks. (I say “theoretically” because Olaf seems to be the only one to find those two super plants in each world starting with Sea, and I’m sure you know which ones I mean.)

tl;dr Yes, this, but my vote is specifically for a Super World for each – OR making each world longer, but not wider, and providing a scroll back on the side similar to that seen in the nursery, plant store, and when browsing through your friends.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your feedback. We are gonna discuss your request in our next plan session and implement a solution as soon as possible.