Excess Pet Shards, or will we get level 8 pets?

In my ongoing quest to max out my common and rare pets, I’m starting to get into a silly situation with shards.
My shard totals on my 7 star pets:
Commons: 2540, 2440, 1630, 977, 634, 610
Rares: 523, 799, 524, 513

Remaining percents (all 6-star rares): 13%, 17%, 19%, 23%

As you can see, I have a long ways to go on those rares, but I’m getting tons of extra shards on my commons and even on my rares. Will something be done about this? Will we have 8-star pets someday making these shards useful? Or maybe be able to trade shards? Or simply have maxed out pets stop showing up in chests?

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This is what happens currently

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It would be neat if it would auto-sell shards on maxed pets, or just stop with the RED DOT OF DOOM if the pet is at the current maximum.

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Wait, you can sell pet shards? I missed this.