Evolving equipment sets

I am using crystals to get 5-star equipment from the shop, but I do not know if sets change when I turn them into 6-star. Do the sets buffs (+30% physical, -1 cooldown…) change when I evolve 5-star equipment? Thank you very much in advance!

Though I don’t have answer to your question, I’d suggest you to not to evolve your 5 star equipments. Instead, purchase six star equipments from the arena shop.

It has better set bonuses, and also the gems required to evolve 5 star is saved. The cost of evolving from 6 to seven star is extreme, and you should save everything you can for it.

Thank you very mcuh for your answer!
So can 6-star equipment be gotten from the Gold chest? I only picked one at the beginning, and I only got 4-star ones

Dont use crystals to buy 5 star equipment eventually you will find them in missions. The set bonus will not upgrade if you evolve them to 6 stars so dont waste your time doing that. 6 star equipment is only available in arena shop at the moment. To upgrade a 6 star equipment you will need around 2k to 3k of each type of power gem so dont waste them on stuff you will grow out of.

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Also make sure to only buy the 6 star chest in the arena. It alternates between 5 and 6 stars, and the 5 star chest will never give 6 star equipment.

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