Evolve equipment

In the adventures, I collected a lot of gems (Blessing and Power) to evolve my equipment, but I don’t know how and where to do it. Now I’ve two questions:

  1. How can I evolve the equipment?
  2. The max. lv of the equipment I have is lv. 33. Do I need a higher level?
    Thanks for answering.

5 Star upgrade is on 180 level (1.35k Blesing,600 Power), 6 star on 240 (2.7k , 1.2k)

Thanks a lot.
Does it mean I can choose a good equipment with 4 stars and then slowly evolve it to 6 stars - or is it better to wait until I find a good 5 Star equipment? And: Which set contains the possibility of the priest’s shield for 2 heros?

Well for now ( new patch will be released soon, and i haven’t tested new gears in the beta version) according to me best is to get 3x3 parts of each 5 star set. And focus on pets (pets passive) and heroes passive skills. 6 star is good but doesn’t give u advantage as the things i mentioned before.

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Thanks a lot for your help