EvilCorp Guild 8mre4z3j

You can join any guild from any server. Just search for the guild ID: 8mre4z3j

However, Masters can only be connected on the same server and you can’t change them or disconnect. But that annoying red dot goes away and you get rewards. Codes are case sensitive. All lowercase letters.

1-Fit Land sever: vbg8k
2-Fit Tower server: kkqqe
3-Twin Peak server: 3qx5v
4-Power Tablet server: q94dq
5-Pump Garden server: d5xgm

EvilCorp resides on servers 1-4 but anyone can join by searching the guild id 8mre4z3j

Even those playing on Pump Garden, the default server. This guild is currently Level 13 but looking to grow quickly with more members.