Essence in nursery

For the past few weeks, at stage III the plants always need special essence, not even the essence of their kind. It’s truly enoying, plus we received timer as perks,. that we cannot use in nursery. This app is not improving. Soon I’ll simply stop using and recommending it.

Hi @AK6TA, thank you for your feedback. The essence required is purely randomized. You can watch an ad to change a task after 72 hours or you can ask a friend to help you skip it. You can always check the Market to see if you can purchase any missing essences just in case you need it in the future.

Hi! Even after 72hr I still cannot skip the essence I have hundreds of all, except Wonder essence II
I am thinking about quitting the game :frowning: after 2 years: 200 plants level 2 and 145 level 3.

I do understand that it’s random, but still unfortunate

It would be nice to be able to convert essence and change it to some that we need. For instance I still have Candy Essence about 60 of it, but since all my candy plants are at level 3 it won’t be as useful. If I can convert it to something else would be great.

Anyway thanks, I do like the app, except nowadays cannot progress.

When you said you have so much essence and can’t do much with it… I felt that. Same situation for me. But seriously, you have almost 3 quarters of all level 3 plants done and your want to quit now? :smiley:

Part of me wants to continue since I am almost there but having to provide wonder essence II all the time result to no progress. I have the 3 same plants in the nursery for the past 3 weeks… it’s a bit frustrating. I want to be able to complete all level for my 200 plants and help my friends in their nurseries. I am giving an other week before letting all this go… :slight_smile:

I get a wonder essence II in the market at least once daily. Seems to me you are not checking the market every 8 hours.