Escape a team in daily events?

I’ve reached the point in daily events where I generally lose to reaching the round limit of 110 rounds instead of running out of teams.
The main problem is that priests and warriors are hard to kill, but can only kill one creature at a time (plus spell casting taking rounds). So if I put a priest or warrior in my first team, I might find them eating through 30+ rounds on their own while killing less than 5 levels. I can back them up with mages or rogues for a while, but since the monsters can hit all lines, the mages or rogues will die, leaving the priests or warriors by themselves.
Ideally, I would use a weaker team early and a strong team late. But that weak team cannot have any tanks at all or I risk already being at round 80+ by the time the strong team takes over.

One way to fix this would be to increase the round limit.

I think a better way to fix this, though, would be to allow a team to escape and let the next team take over. This way, if a weaker time is down to a single priest or warrior, you don’t spend 30 rounds cancelling spells to try to get them to die faster.