Error in Collecting Energy and Amethysts using Magnet

When I collected energy and amethysts using the magnet I only got one amethyst instead of two (O have two plants that yield one amethyst per hour. Thank you for reading!

Hi ax_colleen,

Thank you for letting us know this. We will look into the bug. Which world and plants were causing the issue?

Could you let us know if this happens again? Thank you!!

When I use the magnet now it collects the amethysts. I’ll let you guys know if it happens again. Thank you for your help!

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The error seem to have occurred again. I had 112 amethysts and when I used the magnet I received 113. I have three plants that yield an amethyst for each per hour: brocco, greon, and kactoo. My game ID is MCEfT~4Up. Thank you very much!

Hi ax_colleen,

Sorry to know this happened again. We will get back to you ASAP on this. Thank you!