Equipment collection difficulties in the end game

First of all, since this is my first post, thanks to the devs for making this great game. I think it’s unique, and it often provides that little push to keep walking every day. Hoping for a Portuguese or Spanish translation one day so that I can suggest it more to people!

Now to the topic at hand. I’m now in the S league and I’ve reached stage 7–10 of Infernal Mode, so I consider myself in the end game. My attention turns to the book of privileges. While the hero and pet collections appear to be goals that I can work towards, the equipment collection seems to be a roadblock.

At this stage (unless I’m missing something), the guild market does not offer 3 or 4 star chests anymore, The equipment market offers a very limited selection of 4 and 5 star set pieces, and the stele of destiny only offers 5 or 6 star bands and amulets. There are no three-star sets to be found, except in the shop, but even then, only one of the two sets for each class. So basically, it seems impossible for me to complete the collection.

In view of the long-term nature of the game, it feels unreasonable to have to start a new game just to complete this, so I feel it could be improved.

My suggestion would be to offer those 3 and 4 star chests permanently somewhere on the market by this point in the game. preferably using some other form of resource?? Since Medals of Honor are already pretty strained between pets and the 6-star equipment hunt. idk but i have a bunch of ancient runes that I can’t use since I’ve finished the powerups! But of course, any improvement would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Ataraxia, thank you for reaching out. We are planning to adjust the equipment collection because of the reasons you’ve stated. It’s not our top priority so might need to wait for a while.

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