Epic pets removed from guild shop?

Hello @marspark have they removed epic pets from the guild shop? I used to, if rarely, get epic pet piece in the guild shop but for quite some time now it’s only common pets…I would like to know if it is now only common pets? Or if I should spend crystals on refresh for opportunity to get epic or other pets? Talking to another player they mentioned they had obtained many of their epic/legendary pet pieces from guild shop but I’m just not seeing them at all for months.

Hi @Cybergal, can we please grab your game id for investigation? We didn’t make any changes to the guild shop so it might just be unlucky.

Thank you @marspark,it is 7wpjmd. Ok, I will keep checking :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess I’ll figure this out at some point it feels more like a IQ test then a game I’m going to seize soon so goodluck!

I have gotten a few epics in the guild shop in the last couple of days so they definitely are still in there

Thanks peanut, I did coincidentally get one the next day after posting my response to marspark :slightly_smiling_face: