Energy multiplier still at 0% despite having upgraded it 42 times

I’m getting this power up for the 43rd to time, but it still says that my energy multiplier is at 0%. Thanks in advance for the troubleshooting help!

Once you walk 10,000 steps (and sync them) each day, the energy multiplier shows 0% until the next day.

So, if you upgrade it after you’ve walked 10,000 steps, it looks to be 0%.

Seems like there should be a better way to show it, because clearly it can be a bit confusing. It also makes it much harder to figure out what your multiplier for the first 10,000 steps is after you’ve already walked 10,000 steps in a day.

Thanks! I’m pretty sure it was showing this before I had reached 10,000 steps, but I will check when it resets tomorrow just to be sure. Thank you so much for the feedback! Either way, it helps me get closer to understanding the problem. Thank you!

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Just to be clear:

When you say that it was showing this, do you mean the 0% in the picture you took? That 0% is specific to that particular upgrade and does not represent the combined total of all the upgrades.

So, if that was your first XLIII multiplier upgrade then I would expect it to say 0% to 1% like it shows in your picture. If it was not your first XLIII multiplier upgrade, then I wouldn’t expect it to show 0% to 1% (the 2nd one should show 1% to 2%, for example).

On the other hand, if you mean that it still shows 0% on the fit tower screen, then mine does too (but only because I’ve already walked and synced the first 10,000 steps).


This screen is also a source of confusion:

Shows 0.0% when I’ve already walked and synced 10,000 steps in a given day. It should not show that. It should show the correct total percentage for the first 10,000 steps even if I have already walked and synced them (which is not 0.0%). I consider that to be a display bug.

Yep please let us know. Thanks!

We’ll discuss this, thank you

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Just noticed that there’s also a display issue on my iPhone (looks fine on my iPad). Too much text in too small an area. Thought you might want to know.


Okay. That explanation makes sense. I’m still a little confused about how to read the upgrades, but as long as I actually am getting the energy bonuses, that’s fine.