Enemy weaknesses?

Hello! In general, I see that some battles have magical enemies that attack the back row, and some battles have melee enemies that attack the front row. I have two things I am confused about:

  1. Do they have weaknesses? (For instance: Are melee enemies more weak toward magical attacks, or are they more weak towards melee attacks? Or are there no weaknesses, and every kind of attack affects them the same?)
  2. Some enemies have a blue circle around their level number, and some have a red circle. What do the different colors mean?

Thank you for any help!

The attacks made by opponents are subtracted by your defense before you take the hit. So if a mage is attacking you with 100k magic and you have 12k magic defense then you receive 88k damage. Same with the skill attacks but they would be attacking at about 3x their regular attack. So your weaknesses really depend on what you are using for items on your heros. You could focus on magic attack for a mage and have a weaker defense or vice versa. I would say mages have a pretty weak defense and strong attack but knights and warriors have a strong defense and weak attack normally. Does this answer your question? I havnt seen the blue and red circles you asked about though so I cant answer that

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Thanks for your response, Emily! I more meant enemy weaknesses - for instance, in a lot of rpg games an ice enemy would be more susceptible to fire attacks than other attacks, because they have a higher weakness to their opposite element. In Fitness RPG, since magic and melee were the only differences I could perceive in the enemies you fight (I’m mainly referring to the enemies in the story mode), I was wondering if they were opposites, and therefore have weaknesses to each other. The blue and red circles are around their level number, and I haven’t been able to figure out what they mean.

Ohh my bad, this is do not know lol