Each new enemy Wave skips a Round

When I beat a wave of enemies and the next wave begins the round counter automatically goes up one. For example, Even though I just started round 2 if i finished off the last enemy in the 1st wave, causing the second wave to appear, i lose that entire 2nd round and the counter tick to 3. It’s either a bug or unfair, making the games very difficult to reach 3 stars.

@arash.badr, this is by design. It could be a little bit more tricky to reach 3 stars but it does help when you try to finish a x-10 stage.

How does that help? I could understand that it would help maybe if my characters’ round countdown meter for their special attacks progressed when that happened. But they don’t. When fighting a wave and a round change occurs then yes their special attacks get progressed. But when the round change occurs because a wave has been defeated the special attack meters stay the same.