Don’t use my master code I am outta here :-)

Hey all in case you are looking for a twin peak master code use a different one! I am outta here!

You should all come join on the new server! Getting in at the beginning will put us all on equal footing when the new content comes! No competing with launch players who have stockpiled goodies!

Ahh, Jax. The same Jax with three mages and a warrior with Last Stand that I played with on the old server?

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I think I am the only Jax and yes three mages and a warrior :-). Are you Fluffy?

Is it only one apprentice to one master? I just started playing a few days ago. New server, and it keeps saying cannot find player when I enter codes.

Thanks in advance


Each person can have 30 apprentices so the codes you used could be for folks who are maxed or you could be on a different server. I am not maxed on any accounts, I put my codes below for you to try :-). Also below are the screen shots for how to check your server! I kinda would suggest newbies start on Twin Peaks since you will be with other newbies!
My master codes: Twin Peaks rebyg Fit Tower z8mvr Fit Land ryxvz.

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It was weird but it worked. It couldn’t find you when I manually typed in the code but copy paste worked. Also, yes I checked. Bagillion times when manually putting it in haha.

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added ya as master :slight_smile: thanks

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That’s strange about the copy and paste.

Thank you both!! I hope you have fun and get a lot of goodies and also turn around and get many apprentices of your own :-):grinning:

thanks! also, I should be able to start a guild up here within the next 2 days for active users!

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That’s awesome!! I am sure it will be instantly full and bring you many apprentices :slight_smile:

I super hope so on the apprentices haha but making sure i get 10k+ steps per day and max that out ASAP… i’ll admit. lot’s of shaking my wrist around during the day haha

I’ve added you as my master on Twin Peaks :sunglasses:

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Thanks!!! :-:grin:

May much gaming fun be with you!

Congrats on your leveling. I wanted to thank ya’ll for using my Master Code, I have really appreciated the awards :-)!