Do you have any plan for the to-do list and shared session features?

I’m new here and I searched about them on the forum.

There was only 2 mentions (Dec 21 and Dec 22) about the to-do list feature and your reply was you were busy with other tasks. Focus Plant is a pretty all-rounded app and I think it’d be perfect if it have a to-do list feature to track my tasks. However, I’m surprised that such necessary feature haven’t appeared in any of your apps. And, like you said, if it’s implemented, it’s likely to be in Striving to avoid duplicating feature. I just wanna ask if you have a plan for developing it in the near future.

Also, it’s nice to allow me and my friends or member in my group to hold a session together, like the Forest app’s plant together feature. There might be a small buff if all succeed but it will fail if anyone fail. I and my partner have to study a lot, it can help connecting us too. I saw few mentions about this, have you considered adding it soon?

P/S: I linked my Striving, Focus Plant and Focus Quest via Striving but only Striving and Focus Plant was synced, I couldn’t use my focus time in Plant to use in Quest. Was it intended or an error?

Pardon me if I put this in a wrong category.

Hi, thank you for reaching out.

We have finished designing a multi-user focus feature and are going to implement it when we have enough manpower. It’s more like a collaboration space rather than forest’s plant together feature (we’ve received mixed suggestions so we decide to implement a feature that’s less punishing)

A to-do list is still on our to-do and we currently don’t have ETA when or which app it’s going to be implemented.

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Wow, thank you. I’m looking forward to see your next major update, can’t wait to be able to focus together.

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