Do you cheat in Focus games

This is maybe a stupid question, but do you guys just set the timer and play games on your pc instead of working?

I could be the closest that could be considered “not cheating”, but other people could consider it cheating.
I tend to focus in 3-hour chunks with whitelist enabled because I work a lot. If I’m not working I enjoy family time or I’m at the gym.
In the beginning, I used it without whitelist, but always had a piece of paper with me because stuff for my to-do list or other things crossed my mind (I discovered quite late that there is a feature to take notes in the app). This is why I switched to whitelist because I regularly need my phone to take notes. I forget things VERY easily so if I don’t take notes in 5 minutes, aaaaaaaaand it’s gone.

So I tend to focus throughout the whole day and even put a 3-hour session in when I go to bed. Due to the consistency, I have been doing this, my average focus time is about 18 hours a day. It became a habit to put another focus session in at around the same time every day. It could be that over time I became one of the top 5 players with the most amount of minutes, but there are no leaderboards to confirm this.

Call it cheating, but either way, I would not have much time to do other things anyway (not complaining, I’m happy the way it is :slight_smile: )

If you play games for fun during your focus sessions, you are making what this app is trying to do for you useless. Having the focus to plow through work faster than most people in itself is very rewarding.

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