Do we only allow to use one skin at a time?

Hi, can anyone please help me clarify a few questions? Just before I spend all my rubies on the techsaur, what does it do? Does it collect all energies? Or just plants?

Also i’m trying to get the witchsaur, if i get it and use it, can I still use the techsaur at the same time?

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Dude I bought it then I bought the maid one which is much better. Buy one that helps increase energy as the maid also collects the energy/amethyst for you where as the Techsaur just collects energy and doesn’t store extra. Can’t use at same time but don’t need to as the maid does Tech’s job and stores up extra energy for you so better. There are also maid alternatives but they cost actual money although they store more than the maid does.

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Hi Joannosaur1,

Like Jameson said, Techsaur is used to collect all resources at once and other skins generate energy. You can get multiple skins, their effects are accumulated.