Do stage III rain increases not do anything?

I’ve evolved a few plants to stage III, but the raindrop rate remains the same as when they were stage II.

Yes, it does increase your whale bonus reward. You might not notice much difference if your progress is far (e.g unlocks over 60 plants).

Can we get a number by how much it increases? I have 36 plants at stage 3 and I haven’t noticed the difference.

I checked the number listed for “increased raindrop rate” in the “Plants Power” tab of the rain whale before and after getting two different epic plants to stage III, and in both cases, there was no change in the raindrop rate.

@DKTrue @garbage-goober Can I please grab the game ids from both of you? We’ll look into your data. Thank you for your patience!

ID: 3gqj3r

Thank you :slight_smile:

ID: kz6n24

Thanks so much!

Hi @DKTrue @garbage-goober, I’ve finally had a chance to look up your data, and your stage 3 plant bonus is still trivial compare with your overall progress (200 plants + high-level gardener).

It’s about 4.5% for @DKTrue and 1% for @garbage-goober. You’ll start to notice the difference once you have more stage 3 plants. Please note that stage 3 plants’ whale bonus do not overrun gardeners’ and stage 2 plants’ bonuses.

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I am busying collecting essence on the market due to getting ready for stage III. How about my stage III plants do increase the whale bonus rewards? But eventually, I see it does not increase anything.
Brandon Wan ID:w69wx7

Your stage 3 plant’s whale bonus contributes less than 0.6%

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Out of curiosity, can you check my stage 3 bonus too? If its not too much of a hassle! n3kmw3

Your stage 3 plant’s whale bonus contributes 1.5%

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I figured out where we can see the different from stage 2 to stage 3. When I am trying to plants something, the plants icon always affected stage 1 plants. The plants icon is between the video ads and top works of the gardener in the Rainy Whale

Yes yes, these icons are quite informative.

The only information which is still missing is an icon/ button to check our stash. Currently we can check essence only when we click on (+) on the new plant page, but if we have a new plant under countdown, then we don’t actually know how many of each essence we have, and whether we need to spend our sunshine on one essence or another in the sunshine shop.

Another option would be to add a number in the shop itself. Saying you have say 12 tropic essence. Available in shop 1. And you have 5 desert essences, available in shop 1. Then person can prioritise buying desert essences if he has limited sunshine.


How do I choose between grassland and fire essence? I have no idea how many of each I have. And my sunshine is rather limited.

A good point, we’ll discuss this!