Do not want gambling ads

The gambling ads are very annoying.

Even after they finish, I’m unable to close the ad. So I have to close the whole app (do I lose my reward too?). And the next time I choose to view a random ad, the same one pops up.

Very frustrating.

Am I the only one this happens to?

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I haven’t encountered any ads that won’t eventually let me out, if I wait long enough.

There is a Chill Pill ad that says it will let me get the reward early, but doesn’t. I have to watch the whole thing before the close box actually works.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not only is it very unlikely that you get your reward, but you might even lose some unsaved progress if the ad actually freezes the game.

I suggest manually saving (in the settings screen) before watching the ads, just to be safe.

Also, it would be good to take a screenshot of the ad that’s causing you problems and post that picture here. That way the developers can contact the ad provider and get it removed/fixed. :thinking:

P.S. You are not the first to experience this. The sooner they know which ad it is, the sooner it will be fixed.

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Thanks Rhandar. I haven’t seen the Chill Pill. Don’t know why it keeps giving me gambling ads. I don’t gamble.

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I’m not a gambler either, but I’ll still trade you the women’s bra ads that I keep getting for the gambling ads you keep getting. :flushed::grimacing::crazy_face:


So this is the unclaimable ad

Me, too! I’ve tried to report this ad 3 times. I haven’t seen it in a few days, so maybe it’s gone.

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Thank you for reporting the ads, we’ve contacted our ad provider to see if there’s a way to avoid it. We actually don’t control which ads to be shown.

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Oh those! I love them! Wouldn’t buy em for myself but the ads are nice to see. :blush:
What I’d trade off is the ads for that Choices/Stories game or what was it, they’re so dumb I feel my IQ points dropping every time.
(On that note, in the recent couple of days it’s not giving me any ads at all, so no rewards, but that’s another topic.)


Hi, thank you for looking into this.

I am now having issues with the ad below. It can freeze the game.