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Not sure if this post is allowed here but I created a discord for the community so we can all come together and help each other out with game. Link is https://discord.gg/cB9CXx8

New players start here!

Just joined :wave:
I’m brand new to this so will most likely be asking questions :grimacing: chuckling that I’ve just joined a gaming app …someone should take some demographics on the make up of players !


Good idea, just joined


Don’t hesitate to ask questions game is new I and I just started but am pretty far and so is kuhz. Discord is a gaming app but used for many different communities outside of gaming. It’s faster than forums and also has voice option but I wouldn’t expect that from anyone here for this type of game


For any interested users that might miss this older post

Fitness RPG on Discord

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I definitely agree… the discord community has been very helpful.

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