Disbanded time rift

This is the third time the group “disbanded” and only the last time was I the creator.

Now I have to wait 36 hours yet again to play time rift This is ridiculous, I don’t even want to play the game anymore.

Id ew3v6q


Thank you for your feedback. When you say ‘disbanded’, are you referring to completing the rift? We are currently discussing if we should shorten the cooldown and will make adjustments with more analysis.

Happy focusing!

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I mean, for example, this time I say and watched the time go to 0 and it said ‘group has been dismissed’. and I’ve checked it like a half hour after the timer and it’ll say group has disbanded. This is really frustrating after waiting over a hundred hours, them waiting another 36 cause the moment time rift ended it booted me out of group and I had to join a 36 hour wait one.

Then when the 36 hours was up, the group is either ‘dismissed’ or ‘disbanded’. Like it’s kind of the worst, I have to wait like a week in between each time rift and it makes no sense

The creator of the group has to actually start the expedition. If no one starts the expedition, the group will disband. Since I have had my fair share of group leaders not starting the expedition, I create them myself now.

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It is quite annoying in the Focus Quest. I am trying to find teams to join. Every time, the teams will be disbanded in 35 hours but the team creator did not start the exploration. Because I need to collect time coin to level up the talents. I always active players in Focus Plants and Focus Quest. I will recategorised this category to the Focus Quest forums.